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The Everyday Design studio is lead by Ron Wakkary, Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Editor-in-Chief, ACM interactions, and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Everyday Design Students

Lorna Boschman, is a PhD Candidate, at SIAT, SFU. Since 2003,she has been working as a media scholar and teacher.  Her research work examines the intersection of agency and citizenship in community-engaged Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects. Read more about her work

Vicki Moulder, is a PhD Student at SIAT, SFU.  She is a practicing artist, designer, and interactions researcher. The primary focus of her work is to explore creative collaborations at the intersection of technology and cultural production. Her site lists current research, collaborative design and public art projects

Sara Salevati, is a PhD Student at SIAT, SFU. In April 2009 she received Microsoft’s Canadian UX Connection award. This award acknowledges creative students in Canada doing innovative work to improve people’s life through interactive, visual, informational, and other aspects of User Experience Design.  View an example of her work

Leila Aflatoony, is a PhD Student at SIAT, SFU. Her background studies is in both Product Service Design and Visual communication. Her research work examines participatory design techniques, and its application to design education and creative learning.

Audrey Desjardins, is a Graduate Student at SIAT, SFU.  She is combining her industrial design background and interest in technology to further explore interaction design studies. Examples of her work can be viewed here

Leah Maestri, is a Graduate Student at SIAT, SFU.

Xiao Zhang, is a Graduate Student at SIAT, SFU.  She is an industrial designer with experience design automobiles and museum kiosks.  You can view evidence of her work on the Fluid Engaged web site >

Nathan Waddington, is a Graduate Student at SIAT, SFU. His working experience in embedded programming, and uses this experience to help build gestural and tangible prototyping tools for gaming. You can read more about his work at

Henry Lin, is a undergraduate student, SIAT, SFU.  He believes, every process requires careful thought and iterative discussion to forge innovative solutions.  You can read more about his work at



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