Recent Publications (see publications for a complete list)

  • Desjardins, A., Wakkary, R., Children’s representations of sustainability at home, IDC (Interaction Design for Children) 2011, ACM Press – in print
  • Desjardins, A., Wakkary, R., Children’s Drawing and Telling of Sustainability in the Home, Extended Abstracts CHI 2011, ACM Press, pp. 1411-1416
  • Wakkary, R., Maestri, L., Four Factors of Change – Adaptations of Everyday Design, Extended Abstracts CHI 2011, pp. 1603-1608
  • Goodman, E., Stolterman, E., Wakkary, R., Understanding Interaction Design Practice, CHI 2011, Vancouver, BC, ACM Press, pp. 1061-1070
  • Moulder, V., Boschman, B., Wakkary, R., The Talking Poles: Public Art Based in Social Design,Extended Abstracts CHI 2011, Vancouver BC, ACM Press, pp. 201-209
  • Stacey Kuznetsov, William Odom, Eric Paulos, Carl DiSalvo, Vicki Moulder, Ron Wakkary, Tad Hirsch, HCI, Politics and the City: Engaging with Urban Grassroots Movements for Reflection and Action, Extended Abstracts CHI 2011, Vancouver BC, ACM Press, pp. 2409-2412
  • Green, T.M., Wakkary, R., Arias-Hernandez ,R., Expanding the Scope: Interaction Design Perspectives for Visual Analytic, HICSS, 2011 44th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2011, pp.1-10
  • Muise, K., Wakkary, R., Bridging Designers‚ Intentions to Outcomes with Constructivism, DIS 2010, Arhus, Denmark, ACM Press, pp. 320-329
  • Droumeva, M., Wakkary, R., Focus, Listening And Collaboration In The Experience Of Ambient Intelligent Environments, ICAD 2010, Washington DC, 8 pages – In Press
  • Wakkary, R., Anything is a Fridge: The Implications of Everyday Designers, ACM Interactions, Sept-Oct, 2009, pp. 12-17.
  • D. Milam, M. Seif El-Nasr, and R. Wakkary,A Study of Interactive Narrative from User’s perspective,” in Handbook of Digital Media in Entertainment and Arts, D. B. Furht, Ed.: Springer, 2009
  • Marek Hatala, Karen Tanenbaum, Ron Wakkary, Kevin Muise, Bardia Mohabbati, Greg Corness, Jim Budd, Tom Loughin: Experience Structuring Factors Affecting Learning in Family Visits to Museums. EC-TEL 2009: 37-51
  • Wakkary, R., Tanenbaum, K., A Sustainable Identity: The Creativity of an Everyday Designer, CHI 2009, Boston, ACM Press, pp. 365-374
  • Wakkary, R., Hatala, M., Muise, K., Tanenbaum, K., Budd J., Kurio: A Museum Guide for Families, Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2009, Cambridge, UK, ACM Press, pp. 215-222
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  • Wakkary, R., Muise, K., Tanenbaum, K., Hatala, M., and Kornfeld, L., Situating Approaches to Interactive Museum Guides (2008), Museum Management and Curatorship, Vol. 23, Issue 4, pp. 367-383.
  • Wakkary, R., “Informing Design Through Ethnography and Informances,” (2008) in Mobile Nation: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms (eds Martha Ladly & Philip Beasley). Toronto: Riverside Architectural Press, pp. 43-46.
  • Milam, D., Seif El Nasr, M., Wakkary, R., Looking at the Interactive Narrative Experience through the Eyes of the Participants (2008), 1st Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, pp. 96-107.
  • Muise, K., Tanenbaum, K., Wakkary, R., Hatala, M., A Report on Participatory Workshops for the Design of Adaptive Collaborative Learning (2008), in AH2008 Workshop on Adaptive Collaboration Support in Adaptive Hypermedia 2088, Bonn, Germany, in press, 4 pages.
  • Droumeva, M., Wakkary, R., Understanding Aural Fluency In Auditory Display Design For Ambient Intelligent Environments (2008), International Conference on Audio Display 2008, Paris, France, in press, 7 pages (awarded Best Poster Prize).
  • Milam, D., Wakkary, R., Seif El Nasr, M., A Phenomenological Study on User Affect for Façade (2008), Canadian Game Studies Association 2nd Annual Conference 2008, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Boileau, J., Wakkary, R., A Tangible Computing Game Prototyping Environment (2008), Canadian Game Studies Association 2nd Annual Conference 2008, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Wakkary, R., Maestri, L., Aspects of Everyday Design: Resourcefulness, Adaptation, and Emergence (2008), International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 24, Issue 5, pp 478-491.
  • Wakkary, R., Hatala, M., Ying, J., Droumeva M., Hosseini, M., Making Sense of Group Interaction in an Ambient Intelligent Environment for Physical Play (2008), Tangible Embedded Interaction 2008, Bonn, Germany, pp. 179-186.

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